Samsung S23 ultra + usb out from Quad Cortex not working

Hey all sorry if this has been asked already but I’ve got a usb B to C cable that I’ve used to record to my MacBook… Also recorded to my wife’s iPhone 15max and an old iPad using usb B to lightning cable.mmbut when I try to use the Andriod device it recognizes that there’s a mic connected but has no audio input.

All of the settings are known to work on three other devices of course these are all running iOS…

Is this just not compatible with Android and if so why?

If it comes down to an ASIO driver or something to that effect could we please get something developed cuz… I like my Samsung…

Thanks :+1::pray:


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The QC is USB audio core compliant fully supported by MAC/PC and iOS by default. The only component that would use a driver is the PC, everything else is automatically supported by default.

Appreciate the response but that really doesn’t answer the question for whether or not it’s supported on Android.

I’m not having any issues with it working on PC or iOS I’m having issues with it working on Android.

If your cell phone is USB core audio compliant, it will work without issue. If you need to, please email and they might be able to get your Android working.