Rotary Speaker Artifacts

Getting weird low-end thumps with harder picking when using the rotary speaker effect. Tweaked many things, including input gain, yet it persists. Kind of annoying.


In my opinion the this effect is the worst rotary I’ve ever heard and easily the worst effect in the Quad. It is an effect that I use, or would use if Neural can get it fixed or replaced like they did with the Flanger.

I’ve had a reasonably good experience with the QC rotary effect. To get the best results, use two in parallel with slightly different speeds and ramp times, using one for just the horn and the other for just the bass. This gives a more realistic sound and feel. A real Leslie uses different motors for the top and bottom, and this simulates that behavior. A Leslie may have a bit of a thump from the bottom drum as it goes in and out of phase. Try adjusting the horn/bass balance or use a bit of EQ.

You can also try mixing in some dry signal to get a more balanced tone. Too bad the block is missing a mix control causing you to have to use a parallel path to do this simple operation.

Interesting. Great ideas, thanks. You say it thumps when it goes in and out of phase. The thump I’m talking about is caused by picking dynamics. Harder picking causes the unpleasant thumping. Almost like an odd clipping or like a speaker is bottoming out. But gain staging doesn’t help. Have you had this experience?

No I haven’t. I have an H&K Rotosphere, and the QC Leslie sound a lot like it to me.