Rework "stomp" and "scenes" into a single mode --> take inspiration from theGigrig G2

Imo there is no need to have “stomp” and “scenes” be separate modes (next to the “preset” mode).

On the Gigrig G2 switcher you can make any hardware switch behave as a dedicated scene (turning 10 pre selected loops on /off) or make it a “stomp” switch that will turn on/off selected Loops in whatever “scene” you are in.

Just make it a selection on the QC too. Switch A gets to be a “stomp” switch (color A, lightly dimmed when off, bright when on) Other switches have color B (like it is in scene mode today). There could be a “stomp” on/off symbol (like the Hardware button on the G2) that turns the currently activated switch into a stomp switch (or turn it back into a scene switch).

I know Neural is working on a Hybrid mode, but please no more modes to annoyingly switch until you land where you want to be.
The way I propose the solution also has the potential to have as many “stomp” switches as the user likes/needs to have. And not a fixed 50/50 split, that Neural has in mind at the moment (apparently).

And you can be sure to land in “preset” mode after a single activation of the mode switching combo.
In a live situation I just do not want to deal with tapping around and circling around three (or more) modes and maybe missing a mode while playing.

It needs to be precise and always crystal clear where my mode switching is going to take me → either I’m in one mode or the other and a single press on the two mode switching switchers is going to take me where I want to be.

I just wrote the word switcher a lot lol.

Agree, this would also make use of a MIDI Controller much easier and practicable. At the moment you need to change betweend Scene/Stompbox mode to use each, this takes away a lot of flexibility for me.

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Did you see this request for Hybrid Mode?

I would like to make the top 4 switches presets and the bottom 4 switches scenes. In this scenario I would only need around 8 presets for the whole night and would only have to switch back and forth between bank one and bank two. There is too much dancing between modes.

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Hybrid mode Is needlessly limiting the user to set amount of stomp/scenes and is an actual additional mode, which I do not propose.

I want only two modes. Bank and Preset (within preset any switch can be a “stomp” switch that turns on effects or subtracts them.

Therefore you can only ever switch between two modes, and therefore always know for certain where your mode switching is taking you.

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Should have wrote " I want only two modes. *Scenes and Preset". With the ability to have every hardware switch be a Stomp switch.

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Agree with presets and scenes, alongside the ability to assign any switch as a stomp. With the unit I replaced with the QC, I could have the 8 switches set up as either scene or stomp. I usually had 4-6 scenes and 2-4 stomps.

The biggest QC limitation is the limited number of footswitches and their limited flexibility. QC has a lot of DSP power and 32 blocks, but no where near enough switches to control them in a live gig situation. A MIDI controller would fix the problem, but adds complexity and take up space.

I’d like to see flexible assignments to any footswitch, and at least two banks of 8 footswitches. There could be two modes, effect and patch. The up and down switches would switch between banks of effect and patch switches depending on the mode. A footswitch could be assigned to a scene, or to control up to 8 effect parameters (bypass and/or parameter min/max as on Helix). The grid page would need an additional tab view for managing footswitch assignments.

Need to be able to program the switches at least as well as Fractal FC pedals in the Axe III. Not hating. I own QC, Helix, and Axe III with an FC-12. Everyone has a piece of bank account at this moment. LoL!