Request: Onboard 'Idea-Recorder' in Standalone Apps (ala Omnisphere)

Fans of Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Keyscape/Trilian are familiar with a feature called “Flow Capture” in their standalone apps - a very simple record button on the bottom right corner for capturing ideas. Hit record, play your idea, and the app will spit out the following files:
-Patch recall

All date-coded. They even include the tempo if you played to the onboard metronome (!!!)

Having the equivalent of this for guitarists would be incredibly fun and useful, especially considering how inspiring these plugins are. Playing through the standalone app is a blast and so many ideas come to me when my DAW is closed.

Bonus: It would be very impressive if Neural DSP pulled off MIDI tracking in a feature like this. Imagine having an audio AND midi file of the idea you just recorded through a Neural DSP standalone amp. Arch Rabea has very accurate note tracking in its synth module. Could be possible?