Request: Better preset browser

I would particularly like to have a “favourites” option. Clicking favourite on any preset would add it to a dynamic custom category so i can gather my favorite presets.

I would generally like to see some more possibilities for user presets too, like adding custom categories inside user presets.


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The preset menu is just pulling from the program data folder in your harddrive. You can create custom folders inside of it to have categories and subfolders. Is this along the lines of what you mean? Also, for the favorites idea, you can just save the artist preset as one of your own so that it will be easier to get to.

Thanks for the reply. Was not aware i could wrangle presets on disc and that definitely helps. That said, this seems a bit cumbersome. And i am aware i can copy the presets, but that is still a slightly different thing and i would really like to see a more powerful presets browser. A possible example is the presets browser in BiasAmp for example. It’s an easy and intuitive interface with drag and drop support to move presets around etc.

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Agreed on this. I’m fairly new to the Archetype plugins and I am surprised at how lacking the preset experience is when compared to Amplitube or other VST plugins. Is there a formal Feature Request already started for improving the preset experience? I’d love to add one or add my vote to an existing one. The plugins themselves are fantastic sounding, but presets are really important to me for any plugin.


I agree that a “favourite” option is quite crucial. There are so many presets in the new plugins, and their number will always just grow, so the preset management also becomes increasingly important.

So it seems to me that “favourites” (eg, just add a heart icon to the interface next to the name of the preset one can click to make it a favourite) is a necessary first step.

But it would be great to have other filtering/organizing features as well: eg. choose some characteristics of the presets that you want to see (amp, rev turned on/off, comp (or any other effect) turned on/off, use particular cab, …)


Agreed! I was going to post the same thing. Adding tags should be fairly simple, a subset of tags should be easy to create as well, so the choices are consistent (i.e., clean, pushed, crunch, distorted, lead, ambient, FX,…). Most synths have similar menus, and some are very in-depth.

This makes finding your sounds much faster for sure! The favorites part, and perhaps a way to create a folder easily from the menu and be able to choose where the sounds are saved (basically in which folder) would be great as well.

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