“Favourites” possibility

Hello there, recently I wanted to record some tracks with one preset but I couldn’t remember the name I I had to search for it, maybe an idea to add “favorite” button to “store” some of the favorite artist’s presets somewhere? :))



It would be great feature. Maybe you have already considered that but as an alternative solution for the moment, you can create a preset folder named ‘Favorite’ and copy your favorite presets to this folder.

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Yes, could be a solution, but sometimes you “need” to “favorite” the present in the second you use it :DDD like, playing some nasty riffs, and in a sudden you change the preset and you have that voice of the Metal devil saying “ aaargh, THIS is the one you should use in the song from yesterday!!!” :DD and then, the “favorite” feature at hand will save the day ( and song ) :))

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Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I hope it can be implemented in the future.