Request: Add "Transpose" to all plugins!

This is my favorite feature on Petrucci. I no longer need to switch guitars or retune for different songs.
I would get more of the plugins but not till they have the transpose as I change turnings so often. Considering almost all the amp models are based on players that use multiple turnings, you’d think all of them would get as an update. If you won’t retro fit other amps, please make sure to all to all new ones. Wish the SLO had it.


Update: I lied… I purchased Tone King… it is SOOO GOOD! And don’t need transpose for what I’m doing with it for the most part. But if you could add transpose to the SLO-100, I’d pick that up for sure. Thanks for all the great stuff you are putting out!

Adding a reply to concur. The Transpose feature was the deciding factor to choose Petrucci over the others I was looking at, and for the exact reasons you mentioned. Not having to retune is amazing, they should seriously make this a universal feature.

I would also really love to see that function in Nolly, but knowing that there’s a possibility that it could be a problem to implement it, can we at least get an answer is it possible at all? :pray:t2:


If you use the plugins in a DAW, there is nothing wrong with buying the SLO as well.

Put the Petrucci plugin at the top of your signal chain and disable all stomps, amp, cab, gate and effects.
So you only have the transpose effect which you can adjust as you like.
You then integrate the SLO at the second point in the signal chain, which works with the transposed signal.
So I just added the Transpose to the Omega Granophyre.

If you work with the plugin standalone, the whole idea will of course no longer work.

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Thanks. I do have a DAW (Ableton) but I usually just run through the standalone. But good to know there is a work around with the DAW. Cheers!

Any news on transpose? Or i’ll have to get Rabea. :man_shrugging:t2: