Rename units

Allow users to rename models, effects, and other units. I am sure that most users want to see Gibson EH-185 or Bogner Uberschall on the list instead of the ridiculous Gibtone 185 and BomberUber. Many probably would like to add their own mark in the name like “boring”, “power!”, “higain". Since copywriters in their madness go to extremes, let them try to demand something from end users of the product. In war all means are good.

Seems like this would create a lot of confusion on the cloud when looking at presets in addition to concerns Neural may have with regard to trademark violations… If you use the device for a while you will get to know the models based on the name used on the device. IMHO.

I don’t think so. Units can have a real name (ID) and a label, which is set by the user. The real name of the model can be displayed in the cloud, and labels only on user devices. In the cloud, labels can also be displayed, individually for each user, it is quite simple to implement.
I also think that there should be no legal problems, NeuralDSP will not sell Rectifier, the user himself will set this name, just as it works with presets. I have not seen presets with the names of amplifiers in any device, but no one can forbid me to use real brand names. I can call presets Marshal, Coca-Cola, even Adidas.