Redesign the "social media" esque interface to something more utilitarian

I really hope you are planning a redesign of the mobile app and also the website, and how files are shared and distributed.

Like really a lot.

I suggest asking for specific features that you would like to have, rather than just asking for a unspecific change.

Having said that, I would like to see more functionality even in the “social media” approach. For example, when following users, it would be nice to get notifications whenever these users publish new or update their existing captures or presets.

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the specific features i would like are covered under “more utilitarian”

I dont think i should have to click 1000 checkmarks, and manage a pseudo friends acct and keep it up to date every 90 days and make sure i have evrything downloaded to my QC to make sure i dont lose anything i paid for.

Personally, I DONT THINK I SHOULD BE FORCED TO HAVE A MOBILE DEVICE AT ALL TBH but if you are gonna make me have to ahve a cell phone to get my packs and IRs it shouldnt have to be a grueling process and one i have to repeat every few months or else

Most of these features will be updated in the 2.0 release.