Rebel Yell Ray Gun Effect

I have a setlist which includes Rebel Yell.
I want to press down a switch to get the Ray Gun effect but first I need to know if anyone knows how to get the ray gun effect with the QC, if it can be done at all?
Anyone have any ideas?

What’s the time stamp of the sound you’re thinking of?

Its not an guitar effect. Actually it IS a toy ray gun Steve Stevens use to influence the guitar pickup.
I dont think you can achieve anything close to this with built in effects.

Not sure about the timestamp, just wanted the effect

I know he uses a toy live but I used to be able to do it when I used Axe Fx (something similar anyway), so I thought the QC might be able to do it too. The Boss PS6 can do something similar too

Maybe a combo of a tremelo/slicer and a phaser/flanger? Set rate to taste and it might get you in that ballpark? But yeah, when I played bass in an Idol tribute our guitarist spent weeks scouring toy ray guns to hold over the pickup like Steve did :joy:

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LOL … I can imagine :slight_smile:
I used to have a preset on my AXE FX’s that did the job, and I know that the Boss PS6 has a setting that does something that will do the job BUT I wanted for have the QC do everything I needed without external pedals so I though I’d ask here and see if anyone has been able to get a Ray Gun sound out of the QC before I buy a PS6 to do the job.

I just wanted to know…Can the QC do it ? … If not I’ll just buy a PS6…just wanted to check here first :slight_smile:

maybe buy the gun, it’s probably cheaper?

He says the original effect was a Lexicon PCM41 with a very short delay and full modulation.
Could probably get close w/ the QC, might want to assign an XP to do the sweep like he does with the pot on the toy gun:

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Worse case, I’ll buy the PS6 …I don’t want to mess up too much and I just need something that can so the job, no something exact to the ray gun…but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Install a Kill-pot in your guitar? I had one once, brilliant

The thing is that if the QC is so powerful it should be able to do it…I used to be able to do it with the 1st version of the AXe FX…that was many years ago

Yes, I take your point there! … :smirk:

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Link removed, because I’m only interested in the possible approaches to recreate the sound at 2:42 Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Official Music Video) - YouTube

I don’t want to speak ill of the deceased but after John Goodsall’s ridiculous claims, he was contacted by my attorney to stop saying such rubbish. I didn’t know what his problems were but seems he had many. NO ONE played guitar on the entire Rebel Yell record but myself.

Hey, thanks for taking the time and clarifying this!
I did not want to back up or dig out any falsehoods here.
The only thing that I found interesting is, that Goodsall claims to do the same (or a similar) effect on brand x “Cambodia” by hitting the neck with his knuckles.

But it serms to be far from the same intensity as in rebel yell. Sure, there are short percussive impulses in Cambodia (maybe into a harmonizer or some other pitchable delay) but I doubt it could get the same speed and “Choppiness”.
Nevertheless, I think both approaches might be interesting to try out (impulses via beating the neck or directly into the pickups via a toyspeaker or something similar).

Looks like I’m going to need to learn this one, so following. I think there’s a way to do it on my Helix.

Sorry I’m late to this thread. I just uploaded the preset I currently use for this song, search for my username on cortex cloud to find it. Scene H has a “ray gun”, I used the flanger engine block and tweaked knobs to get something reminiscent.
I wish I could assign it as a momentary switch within my scene-centric world, as I’ve had some hilarious mis-stomps. Maybe it’s a good candidate for Hybrid mode?

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