Quad Cortex - Phantom power protection on Outputs 1-2?

Does the Quad Cortex have any kind of transformers or other protection on Outputs 1-2? I’d like to run balanced out and I’m concerned that a venue might accidentally have phantom power running. Or has anyone else had this happen yet?

I’m wondering the same thing - starting to gig with it this week and keen to know if I’m risking damage unless I get some kind of buffer between the output and the desk.

I don’t know if there’s protection or not, but I’ve had phantom inadvertently run to mine multiple times without problem.

I asked the question to support since my mixer has phantom power that can’t be turned off. The response was that it does have protection but they don’t recommend doing it. It may also change your tone some. I decided if I’m running into that mixer to use 1/4 in connections or run xlr direct to the PA speaker.

Thanks everyone. I just spoke to someone at GuitarGuitar in Glasgow, where I got my QC from, and he said the same thing - it has protection, and it shouldn’t damage the unit but it sounds awful when phantom is being sent to it.