Quad Cortex Hum/Noise with power off

When my Quad Cortex is disabled but power adapter is plugged on into outlet there is hum or noise in the monitors.

Quad Cortex is plugged into Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface, and monitors too. Everything is connected with balanced XLR/TRS cables.

No any noise when Quad Cortex is on, or in standby, or power adapter is unplugged.

I tried different cables - handmade and Cordial CIM. I unplugged interface from computer. Nothing helped.

Is something wrong with my Quad Cortex? Or there is any way to fix this issue?

Noise form

Noise sample

Hey @Maksim - Please refer to this support page:

If you still need assistance send us an email support@neuraldsp.com we can look into it further.


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