Quad Cortex / H90

This might be something rudimentary, but I have been having issues with the quad cortex and the H90. I have the signal going out in stereo and I receive it back, but when I play through it I get a very distorted clicking sound coming back… Clipping?
My signal chain is Amp (Clean Fender) to output to H90 and back into the QC. I get a very metallic sound. when I put the amp after the H90 it cleans it up, but the H90 doesn’t come through as clear. I think I have answered my own question about clipping, but figured I would throw it out to see if anyone else has seen this. I have never added a pedal to the chain of either of my QC or my Kemper, so this is new ground for me.

I don’t quite understand how you are physically connecting the units. You are using the FX Loop Sends and Returns?

Most users configure a stereo outboard pedal or unit like this:

connect BOTH sends/returns for stereo setup.
This lets you move the FX loop around within your preset for best results.

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Yes i have the 2 sends going out and the 2 returns coming back in.

“Metallic sound” often indicates phasing issues. Maybe something is interfering with your stereo path.
An amp AFTER the stereo FX loop block would sum that path to mono, perhaps that is why it’s changing the way you hear it.

I would recommend inserting the FX loop block on an empty lane and experimenting with the In and Out Levels to get it sounding great by itself. Many have reported the return side is lower in volume and needs to be boosted to unity. See if you can get it sounding good on its own, then slowly introduce one device at a time on the grid to see how each affects it. If you’ve done that already, maybe try inserting it into a factory preset and experimenting with it where you have default factory settings.

This sounds somewhat similar to an issue I had with a BigSky, particularly if the sound is in fact a “click” rather than it clipping. Do ensure that your Ins and Outs on your H90 are set to “Instrument Level” NOT “Line Level”.

Hope this suggestion helps :+1:

I am using my QC with only one effect, which is H9 connected through stereo send/return. I found the same issue - noticeable clipping/distortion. There was one post in this forum about QC findings (latency, levels etc.), which gave a clue (my thanks to the poster). QC’s send/return is not unity-gain, but send has like 4dB boost. So, I went to I/O setting, set SEND1/2 level to -4dB and problem solved.

Hope this applies to H90 too. Cheers!

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Still struggling a bit on this one, but was able to get it better now with the -4dB. Thanks