Quad Cortex Factory Captures with Tuomas Wäinölä & Matias Kupiainen

Factory Capture List.


Go Tuomas! What are the signals that get recorded through the gear when making a capture?

Finally, a real demo. Many compliments, it seems QC sounds amazing.
Harder to wait a little bit more


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I don’t know how many times I have seen this video now. I have to stop, it is getting weird :joy:

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This sounds insanely good!

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Forcing myself to not watch this vid for the umpteenth time … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When they play back and forth for reference are they still going through the amp since it runs through that path to “capture” the amp/cab? If so it really needs to be through the board versus the amp/cab mic’d through the same board for an accurate comparison.

Kemper did this in the early videos showing the profile and then comparing, but you are comparing the tube amp versus the “device” running through the tube amp.

I could be wrong… but my understanding is they are referencing the analog rig via the studio monitors… the QC is not going back through that rig, it too is being referenced via the studio monitors… so this should provide an equal way to compare.

If they did that it would be independent as I noted, however, they don’t indicate that as they do the capture and then simply go back and forth which is running through the amp. Some of the newer videos on youtube show this adjustment so it is independent but the older videos don’t so that is why I was wondering. The Kprofiling sessions were pushing the accuracy, but they were simply running the profiled amp back through the amp and that’s not really what you would hear. Sells product, but not really truthful in the scope of things.

someone who knows this answer for sure is @Doug

for them to do the comparisons as you suspect they are doing them would be IMO ludicrous… but maybe you’re right and they’ve resorted to sleazy sales tactics

there are some serious tone experts with QC content on their YouTube channels exclaiming how amazing the Capture feature is i.e. Tom Quayle, Pete Thorn, Rhett Shull & Rabea Massaad to name a few… I trust them to have integrity when they endorse a product.

All I’m saying is it’s not clear. It is clear in the other videos you mentioned, but was not done that way when the kprofiler first came out which is why I’d like to confirm here. Pete’s video is very clear and even volume balanced to show clearly.

3 out of 4 were paid to do what they did. Don’t make your decision based on what someone says for you to do make it based on sound and meeting your needs.

Rhett Shull gave probably the most balanced which included some critiques… I’ve been a Pete Thorn fan for many years… and NONE of his reviews have ever steered me wrong… I have ears and know what I like… so telling me how to make my own decisions:. thanks… but I’m a big boy and very experienced on what or what not to buy.

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I trust my ears . That’ s the reason why i ordered the Quad over a year ago. In one Video someone was talking about the “bubbling Low Ends and the shimmering High End” and all the Bla. But this is exactly what i hear in the Videos and when i play the Neural Plugins. I heard and felt it on no other device. And i owned nearly every Amp modeler since L6 came across with their Red Bean.

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