Quad Cortex Development version 2.x June Update

Hi there, I’m quite late in getting involved again in the forum. I saw the June (I’m late I know), but the new features were thing I was looking for:

  1. A desktop controller for better tweaking
  2. Plugins on Quad Cortex Yeah, my favorite Achetypes in the QC, I’m thrilled
  3. Hybrid Mode is discussed many times on Youtube
  4. Redesigned file manager, don’t know what it means, but it seems to be a mayor breakthrough

These were things I was looking for and it had been discussed by many on YouTube and FB. It seems to be that is really a game changer and will launch NDSP and the CQ like a rocket above the competition. We just have to wait a while.

There are two more development updates since June that may interest you:


Thanks a lot, these updates are going though the roof and beyond.

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