Quad cortex convolution reverb recorder

It strikes me that in the future when neural feel they are up for new challenges and with some clever programming the quad could be used to record convolution reverbs with a couple of mics and powered studio monitor. Am I correct in thinking the principle is similar to capturing amps just with different parameters and trigger sound from the unit designed to stimulate recordable reverb trails.
Thanks for reading

I’m not sure if you’re requesting a feature or an explanation. I.e. would you like a deconvolver or a documented recording process or both?

Besides recording/processing, the IR for convoluted reverbs tend to be well longer than cabs IR (which makes sense from a physical point of view : larger the space, longer the reflection time).
You might want to check this topic/request :

I’m not fully informed on the difference between a cab IR or convolution reverb IR . Your response requires more learning on my part. I would certainly like to see convolution reverb on the quad I enjoyed the convolutions I used on the poly been they are a step away fro conventional ambience. It just struck me that the quad had many of the components required to achieve this in the hardware excluding my lack of understanding between the length. I wil certainly research further .