Quad Cortex color match for hiding scratches

Hi all,

One thing I have noticed that may have not been talked about on this forum is the color of the unit. What is the exact color of the quad cortex? Can anyone find out specifically (with some sort of color measuring equipment, for example) in order to get the exact color hex code to have some paint made which matches the exact color of the anodized aluminum? This could help to minimize the look of scratches if (this should really be when, if you’re gigging) it does get scratched.

Thanks and all the best!

The anodized coating is aluminum oxide, so (depending on the process used, probably type 2) the “color” difference between the coating and the aluminum itself is usually more due to the texture of the finish than an actual color difference. This effects how light is reflected off the surface so it’s probably difficult or maybe impossible to make a paint that would look the same as the anodizing. Fortunately, anodizing is pretty tough and hard to scratch.

Here’s a Youtube vid showing a method to deal with superficial scratches and abrasions, using a Scotchbrite pad. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work for deep scratches.

Thank you for your comment. I am sure there is a color that is close to the color of the actual unit, even though it has been anodized. Slate gray maybe? Anyone working at Neural DSP care to chime in on the actual color of the unit? :grin: