Quad Cortex and SoundIDReference

Hi fellows

I have a question regarding monitoring of the Quad Cortex. I use the QC as a standalone audio interface connected to my iMac via USB. On the QC I use the outputs 3+4 which go to the active studio monitors.

As monitoring of my live played sound I use studio monitors. I use the software SoundIDReference from Sonarworks as correction software for a flat EQ. But now I have a problem that the sound of the QC does not go through this software, so it is not corrected, but the sound of e.g. YouTube videos or Spotify is corrected. Can someone help me how I can correct the sound of the QC (when played live) also via SoundIDReference software?

Understand you have a problem right now, but why not go all the way and implement fx a similar feature of headphone alignment/calibration in the QC?


Hi kNow

thanks for your answer, but I did not quite understand what you are saying…


Hi @Dudifudi

It was off topic so quite understandable. Please forgive me for that :blush:. Had the idea of a feature similar to Sonarworks ”Reference 4” or “SoundIDReference” headphone calibration inside the QC. So we wouldn’t have to rely on an external program for use with our QC interface.
You dig? :+1:t3:


Yes I understand. That would be a nice feature and would nearly solve my problem.