QC: Add multivoice chromatic pitcher and dual reverse/crystal delays

Enjoying the QC a bunch lately and got it as a means to replace my Kemper for live, but really holding out for a couple effects to be added to level the playing field with the competition and continue using presets with the same effects that a song depends on.

• A chromatic pitch effect that can have up to two voicings (I.e. -12 semitones voice 1 and -24 semitones voice 2 for huge riffs). I guess that’s an EHX POG2?

• A crystal delay with at least two note value options (I.e 12/16 (1/2 dot) Note Value 1 and 8/16 (1/2) Note Value 2)

• A reverse delay because of course!

Hoping for these features to come sooner than later, as they’re all staples in the current competition that have been fleshed out a great deal. Keen to see what’s next.