Price increase Thomann?

I could have sworn it was priced at €1599. Thomann now shows €1649. And they are also showing different pictures.

Am I right ? I’m really not sure.

Cheers, Todde

Yes, the price is increased now, was indeed €1599. May be, the first batch (preorders) is fullfilled and for the the second one the price was raised. But it’s only speculation.

I placed a firm order at €1599 then and they blocked the amount on my credit card, so I believe they will have to honor the contract we closed. Let‘s wait and see …

Hi Folks, my first post here.
Probably it because of the reduced VAT (value added tax) in germany till december 2020.
Now we have the normal 19% VAT

On ProMusicTools the price has not raised yet, probably because they still have some devices available from the expected first delivery. Little hint may be helpful for you, hurry to get one :wink: :
Neural DSP Quad Cortex | ProMusicTools

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I don’t think that could be the case because they show the VAT for the local country and the price is the same for Portugal and we did not have any changes in VAT this year

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