PDF manual, with white background?

Can we get a PDF of the manual that has white background with black text ?? I do understand that all the images are also black background.
This makes it easier to print certain pages for reference without killing a cartridge, or jamming the printer.
Currently it’s all black, and looks great on the screen but printing is impossible


If you can’t find a reverse color version of the manual, you could try seeing if your printer driver will allow you to print in reverse. I’m sure it won’t be perfect, but it may be good enough if you can’t find another way to make it work.

this is a pretty reasonable request - also for accessibility reasons. Burden should not be on the application or reader to invert the colors accessibly. I’m sure NDSP can accommodate this. Inverting in acrobat doesn’t do the trick


Opening on the phone does allow a reading view that looks good, but doesn’t change any underlying info.
This should be a no brainer.

(new idea)
Make a 2 page cheat sheet with all the Amps, pedals, etc that come stock. This way it’s a smaller job and can be updated with new versions

@DandyDon you can invert it in acrobat but you can’t export it that way or print it to pdf and keep it like that

Is it really necessary to print it out nowadays? It could be a better solution to have the manual available digitally via the neural app.


even as a big proponent of dark mode everything as I am, there are plenty of good reasons one may want to print or need a standard black on white version

Invert colors in Acrobat Reader and then make screenshots.

thats a crazy amount of work for something that should be accessible anyway

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