PDF manual, with white background?

@Dali - thank you very much! Much easier to read like that. And it’s a shame users must perform such inversion, as manuals are not provided for daylight reading and printing (NDSP is so “manly and metal tough”, outch).

@Cheems - all the pages are white. Some of them contain tables, which background could not be inverted. Those you see as black.


it shows me every page like this (black background , many images inverted) but even the plain text few ones have black background so idk

I don’t get it ??? Every time I download this file, no matter which of a dozen programs I use to view it, it is still white text on a black background ???

Really, I have no idea. Maybe some cash problem on your system. It is really black text on white:

damn thats weird

Can someone post the actual inverted file?

it´s on the above post by Dali, but for some reason we are not able to see it inverted

I checked that link but appears you have to sign up to access.

the link has expired. WeTransfer shares have a limited lifetime. Somebody has to re-upload it, maybe in a more permanent way :slight_smile:

Here is another piece to the puzzle. The file apparently is sensitive to the pdf app you are using to view the file. I tried a free version of an app called Xodo. Lo and behold, the same file appears inverted!!! Viewed in my other pdf viewing apps it appears white on black.

Need it please, black on white, post above has expired, need to print it without depleting all worlds ink resources…



I have converted it to Greyscale if that helps, how I post the file ??

Found a way on Wetransfer only for 7 days so get it quick


You should be able to host it on dropbox a bit more permanently, FWIW, although I feel like Neural should probably host this themselves, as there’s been a bit of demand for it.

Awesome, thanks!

Will sort that , but now done the Cortec Control…

Better still on Dropbox so wont expire . Both files