PDF manual, with white background?

@Dali - thank you very much! Much easier to read like that. And it’s a shame users must perform such inversion, as manuals are not provided for daylight reading and printing (NDSP is so “manly and metal tough”, outch).

@Cheems - all the pages are white. Some of them contain tables, which background could not be inverted. Those you see as black.


it shows me every page like this (black background , many images inverted) but even the plain text few ones have black background so idk

I don’t get it ??? Every time I download this file, no matter which of a dozen programs I use to view it, it is still white text on a black background ???

Really, I have no idea. Maybe some cash problem on your system. It is really black text on white:

damn thats weird

Can someone post the actual inverted file?

it´s on the above post by Dali, but for some reason we are not able to see it inverted

I checked that link but appears you have to sign up to access.

the link has expired. WeTransfer shares have a limited lifetime. Somebody has to re-upload it, maybe in a more permanent way :slight_smile: