Parallax Mono Version

I’m having an issue regarding a mono version of Parallax. I built a new PC and finally transferred over all my VSTs and programs over to my new workstation. When I open all of my previously recorded projects in Reaper in which I used Parallax, I get an error that Reaper cannot find VST Parallax (Mono). I’ve got Parallax 2.0 installed and Reaper picks up the Parallax plugin, but without Reaper finding this mysterious version of Parallax I can’t see the settings that I had in the plugin. Could this be something that was in Parallax version one that’s not in the newer version?

Transferring to a new system is always a headache… I would recommend you contact Neural support directly at

When you transferred everything to your new workstation did you install the same exact version of Parallax? Off the top of my head that could be an issue.

Thank you, I will contact support about it. It’s not really that big of an issue but it’s just enough to bother me on one project where I had a really good sound but didn’t save my settings anywhere else. The only thing that is different from my original system is that I installed Parallex 2.0 rather than installing Parallax 1.0 and then upgrading to 2.0. Not sure if that could be why, I didn’t find anything about it in the manual, but I might try to go that route before contacting support.

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