Option to lock the Neural block to `pedal` or `amp` when scrolling

I would love to have an option to lock the block to let’s say neural pedal, or lock the neural block to an amplifier.
I go to my pedal Capture block and change that to only pedals… When I then go to my neural amp block and use the top right encoder to change the amp, the pedals now show up, and it doesn’t skip to the ‘next amp I have in my capture list’
This would be such a time Saver to have the ability to lock the block to only pedals or only amplifiers when you scroll through using the top right encoder. The way it is right now every time I change the pedal block or the amplifier block and I have it specified to either pedal or amplifier it doesn’t go to the next item in the list

Any other folks that feel the same way ??

I feel that same way, yes.
(it wouldn’t let me just post ‘yep’)

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