One plugin to rule them all

I already proposed this once on the Facebook page, but: could we get a generic plugin where we can run any combination of amps/effects/cabs we own?
E.g. so that one could use Nolly for the amp but Plini for the cab?

(although the plan might be - and Neural might be adverse to anticipate this - to make available the QC desktop editor for that very purpose)


That would be great!

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You could use something like GigPerformer to host your plugins, with that you can easily combine the different plugins serial or parallel and switchable for live use.

Sure, but it’s still not quite the same type of usage - you have to load multiple plugins, bypass bits and pieces from each one, etc etc. Of course it can be done - and even without a host plugin, just with any DAW - but it’s just not as smooth and in fact quite error prone.

I. am a GigPerformer user since 5 months. I can confirm it’s totally smooth and error free. It depends on the plugins, some are buggy. NDSP Plugins have a complete midi/remote implementation and run bug free. Most plugins work fine in GP.
The two disadvantages with GP are that it costs 100$ and it takes a bit of time and thinking to set it up.
Patch switching is instant and glitch free and latency is like running a stand alone version.

Sorry, I think I didn’t explain myself well.
I didn’t mean that GigPerformer (or any other software) is buggy (I mean, all of them may be, but that wasn’t my point), but rather that the more moving parts you add, the easier it is for a user to make mistakes along the way.
For instance, say that I am trying out Nolly’s amps with Plini’s cabs, in particular with the Graphic Eq section off. Than at some point I want to try them with Abasi’s cabs.

  1. with a single NDSP plugin, I could just browse all my cabs in the cab section, without worrying of any other section in the signal line

  2. with a host plugin I have to load Abasi, route Nolly to Abasi, then bypass all sections but the cabs in Abasi.
    2.1) say I by mistake forget to bypass the Eq section. Now I am adding extra artifacts and I don’t even realize.

So my point is: sure you can do it with an additional host/routing piece of software, and it may be a good one, but you’re adding more and more complexity and that leads to worse workflows and additional room for errors.

I guess the Quad Cortex might be your solution, if you don’t mind the extra hardware. AFAIK it will give you that and more.
I don’t think they will release this kind of Neural Host as software, but who knows.

i think this is a great idea!!
altough the suggestion with GP is also not badd as you already could save you some presets and toggle between them, but having all your purchased Neural DSP Plugins within one master plugin, and just be able swap out some components would be killer

i also would love to see bugfixes (high cpu usse) and updates (tuner missing, etc) on the already published plugins, and also a generec effect section (reverb delay) on every plugin :wink: but also this new master plugin could be the soluation that you already include this basic stuff (tuner, basic delay and reverb fx) in this. and perhaps it would be also easier for neural dsp to update and incorporate them, as its then bascially just one plugin with one engine.

i very much enjoy this in like Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, where i can load all the Superier SDX Extensions, the EZ Drummer Extensions that i own, into the same instance, and can either add or change different parts from the drumkit, without having initiate a new plugin instance.

perhaps when Neural DSP started out, with single plugins, and their continueing sucesss, this wasnt a thought back then, but now with there quite impressive line of amp sims, as well as the hardware unit, such a master-enviroment plugin would be a great next step forward

Pinging the thread in case we can get any comment from NDSP, or at least some momentum on this.

For non Cortex users, Cantabile is an exceptional VST/VSTi host for live use that is specifically designed for doing the sorts of things OP describes. The paid versions provide plenty of functionality to manage multiple instances pieced together to create the chain you want and access via midi with a single stomp. A lot of pro players using this host…