Nolly Standalone not accepting audio input

I have the Archetype Nolly, NTS Suite, Parallax, and Abasi. The audio input and output settings are the same for my UA Apollo16 on a Mac running OSX 10.14.5. Both Abasi and Parallax work just fine. The Nolly and NTS suite however have no audio input. When I engage the test button I hear the tone on the output so this output routing is working. I canโ€™t get the input on Nolly or NTS standalone to read the input that is identical to Abasi and Parallax which are both functioning properly. Whats going on here? Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there a fix? I have tried reinstallation of the product. All licenses are on my ilok account activated to my Mac.

Maybe, the app doesnโ€™t have access to the microphone.

Please, do the following to consent for apps to use the mic:

1) Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
2) Click the icon labeled Security & Privacy.
3) Click the Privacy tab at the top.
4) In the lefthand column, click on either Camera or Microphone to manage app permissions.
5) Tick the boxes next to apps for which youโ€™d like to grant access to the mic or cam.

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Im having the same issue but for PC

Check your audio settings within the AUDIO SETUP menu. Maybe the outputs are disabled.

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Check out this post I wrote :slight_smile: I wrote about the pc issue for this, simple fix :slight_smile: