No confirmation or response from support

I used the support email, and reached out with this issue, didn’t get an automated confirmation of my message being received, and no response to what to me, seems like a simple account update issue.

The contents of that message:

My company has recently gone through a name change and branding change to M3iT Co-operative.
I’ve tried a few different means of updating the email address associated with my account without success.
I had no problem updating my iLOK account, but the account associated with it offers no way to do the same. Attempts to update via the forum account gave me the message that I could only change my email through my authentication service, which is not mentioned by name.

The new address is

Thank you,

You would have to change the email address yourself and or worst case, create a new account and we can delete the old since you only have a couple of posts etc. Regardless, I will escalate your ticket with support as well.

Looks like support got back to you. Thanks!