Neural Capture: add Input2 (and Input1 maybe) impedance selector to the Neural Capture adjustment menu

Since CorOs 2.0 came out, I successfully managed to capture my amp (Ceriatone Molecular 50 build) that’s been impossible to get right on CorOs 1.4.1.

Through testing, what I determined is the impedance on the Input2 port seems to affect the accuracy of the capture. Here are 3 captures of my Ceriatone Molecular 50 build using 3 different Input2 impedance settings:

What I noticed is the 10M one is the one that is most inaccurate; it looses saturation & low end.
The 130k one was probably the closest one to the source.

So, it looks like the Input2 impedance does play a pretty big role in the accuracy of the capture result (at least for some hi-gain tones).

Problem is, the Capture setup / review screen does not include settings for adjusting the Input2 impedance.

You’d have to do this from the I/O menu BEFORE starting the capture process.

Could we get the Input2 (and maybe Input1 while at it) impedance selectors disclosed at the menu where we review In1 and In2 levels just before we hit “Start Capture”?