Modeling vs. Captures... I am not clear on this

I am not sure if I understand the difference between Modeling and Captures. I personally have never used the capture process (nothing to capture!). Is it possible for an end user like us to actually make a Model? Or are we only able to capture? I understand the Captures are more like “snapshots” or specific to one set of parameters. In light of this is Neural themselves the only ones that can provide new Models? I know it sounds totally Kindergarten of me, but I would appreciate any insight into this… Thanks.

The reason I bring this up is that I have some captures I have been using and then I tweaked them… and find myself not liking them as much because they don’t sound right to me. Especially the Fender related captures I have. I am thinking I need to start with the models provided by Neural and do my tweaking from a Model rather than a Capture. In other words make my own Presets from the Models. Does this make sense?

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It makes complete sense! Captures are like you said, a snapshot of settings in an exact moment in time. Models are created to give full control to gain, EQ and related. While the exact process of how NDSP creates their models is proprietary, you can assume they have the ability to capture all possibilities of control and consolidate into one model. In short, with the QC (or any capture technology), you can only create captures at this time.


Thanks for the feedback. So in light of this, it is probably a common occurrence that a capture that someone grabbed up and then tweaked can easily become something else… in my case, it is no longer a Fender in that sense. When tweaking knobs on a Capture it is merely manipulating tones for better or worse.

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That is correct. When adjusting gain and or EQ (B,M and T etc.) of a (any) capture, you are modifying tone but not in a way that compares to and or reacts like a real model. While someone could create a capture based on a Fender Twin Blackface, you can modify it to sound like a completely different tone stack.

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In my mind I am thinking that when it comes down to using the captures IF it sounds good straight up THEN it is something I may desire, but IF I want to really keep a real Fender tone for example I should not tweak too much on a Capture.

This came up recently on a Capture I have of the ToneKing Imperial7 which some of the guys have been talking about. I liked it, but got to church practice and it was very noisy… so I reduced the gain… after I did that it did not sound good to me anymore.

I am aware that there are more captures on that amp. So it may be worth looking into. I would imagine we do not have a Tone King Imperial Modeled inside the QC yet? I am looking for that clean edge of breakup that we all love. I know you have talked about the Morgan 50. I need to play around with that more.

the closest I’ve come to recreating models is to find several captures at different settings of an amp I like and arrange them all in a preset where scenes can switch between the captures at their default settings, rather than adjusting the captures. You end up with a preset full of captures, but the end result is similar to being able to tweak a model - IF you like all the capture settings.

I’ve been doing this lately with user "NeuralStatham"s presets; he’s uploading capture bundles of specific amps at various settings. You can delete the ones that you don’t like and mold the ones you do into a preset that replicates that particular amp at different settings.

I think that’s about as close we can get to emulating models presently as the mod confirms.

The Morgan 50 is a great model to work with, it takes pedals well and is a great foundation for presets. The Bogna clean amps are also quite good.


Great info here my man! Yes so for example I can take all those Tone King Imperial captures and just line them up as separate scenes… Like 1-7 or whatever.

I will also check out NeuralStatham too! It is funny, I have had this thing for 3 months and am just now really beginning to understand its strengths and some of its limitations. A powerful music tool! Have a great day brother.

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I love the Morgan 50, it works great with drive pedals and there are many cabs that sound great with it. It’s definitely one of my favorite tones. I have used captures that sound great and work well with being tweaked post capture but I also have tried some captures that didn’t react well to gain and or EQ changes post capture. For me, I have found the best captures didn’t need much tweaking other than hi/low/EQ cuts etc., specific for my monitoring setup etc.


I just went and looked at NeuralStatham and seen the Tone King preset you are talking about. He has done some good work there. So have you. Thanks again.

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You have said a mouthful on the tweaking thing. I guess learning all this stuff inside 3 months is not all that bad. The QC and the whole realm of modeling in general is mind boggling. Thanks for the tips and the nice interactions here as well. God bless you and all you love.

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I did a User Search on here and ‘NeuralStatham’ didn’t show up. Where can I find this Tone King preset, or any other good ones? Thanks.

The link above should take you to his profile.
His bundles are nice, but I’m finding that if the same captures are already available on the QC (like the Tone King) they are pretty much identical (many of them are apparently captures from the NAM software then captured by the QC)

Those presets only work with the QC hardware? I only have the plugin.

Sorry, yes, this is the Quad Cortex category of the forum. Those are presets/captures on the Cortex Cloud.