MIDI controler in Garage Band plugin


I’m using external MIDI controller which works fine with standalone application. It doesn’t work in Garage Band and I can’t find the way how to setup it properly. I guess this is related to Garage Band settings but I’m looking here for any ideas what to check.

MIDI controller is connected via bluetooth (WIDI Jack). It is detected by the system. But the GarageBand MIDI setup simply doesn’t see it.

Plugin in Garage Band is working properly but I would like to use expression pedals for WahWah and Volume.

I know that GarageBand isn’t supported but it is sufficient for my purposes. Should I upgrade my software to one of the supported DAWs? Will the expression pedal work there?

Any ideas what to check?


Maybe try usb over midi?

It’s working fine in Reaper so it’s probably GarageBand issue/feature.