Metronom missing in Cory Wong Plugin

On the product images of the Archtype Cory Wong plugin there is a small metronome icon next to the tuner icon like on the Petrucci plugin.

I bought the Archtype Cory Wong plugin and noticed that there is only a Tuner and Taptempo icon next to Settings and MIDI.

What is wrong here? I need the metronome also in Cory Wong… :frowning:

According to the manual, the Cory Wong plugin doesn’t mention the metronome so doubtful it is included currently. All plugins are currently being updated so hopefully that feature will be included. Also, note that the metronome is only available in standalone mode (in the Petrucci plugin).

Thank you!

This is a pity, because in the manual for version 1.0 it is already described that there is metronome…

Sure! Unless they removed it for some reason etc., I would email and inquire about the metronome and point out it was shown in a previous manual.