MASSIVE volume spike

Was playing a show this weekend. We play live at 50% volume, and I went to tune. Switched back to my rhythm scene and the volume was insanely loud. I had enabled the lock screen/master volume knob so nothing should have changed.

CorOS Version: 2.1.1

Describe your issue:
When I switch from tuning back to a scene, volume skyrockets

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Choose a scene
  2. Switch to tuner
  3. Go back to scene

I expected this to happen:
When I tune and change back to scene, I expect same volume as previously

Sorry to hear about your volume issues. Any reason that you aren’t using 100% volume? You likely already know but NDSP has recommended to keep the main volume at 100% to obtain the best SNR as it acts as an attenuator. That doesn’t resolve your potential bug issue and for that, please email so they can look at your diagnostic logs and provide resolution.

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not sure, but might be related.

I’m afraid this is more of a hardware issue, I saw a reddit post where a guy sent his unit to Finland and they changed the potentiometer of volume wheel and the problem was fixed. Many people seem to have it, and what’s interesting is it became a issue for most, if not all, after a update, which made me think at first it was a software issue.

since he locked the touchscreen and the volume wheel even a malfunctioning potentiometer shouldn’t do anything

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Does this happen every time you switch the tuner off or is this issue intermittent? If you unlock the volume knob, turn it all the way up, then back down to 50%, does it go back to the correct level? If so, that would seem to indicate a software issue, not hardware (volume encoder). Out of curiosity, maybe try leaving the volume control unlocked and see if the problem reoccurs.

Do you mute when you tune? Did the volume spike and then return to lower volume? Is it possible that when you came out of tuning mode the volume block was/got bypassed. That would cause the volume to return to unity (100%). On a particularly hot preset this could result in a massive volume spike if you had been running the volume block significantly lower, e.g., 50%. Not saying this couldn’t be a bug, just trying to figure out what might have caused it.

Currently, it has only happened once.

I do mute when tuning. The volume spiked and stayed there. I do not use a volume block so that could not get bypassed. I had the screen/master volume knob lock engaged with the volume knob set to 50% volume, so either way the knob should be able to move up and down and nothing would happen.

Any chance your soundperson caused the issue. As in, they saw you hitting your strings with no sound coming out, didn’t realize you were tuning, and cranked your gain at the mixer. Pretty out there scenario I know, but stranger things have happened. Did switching scenes fix it? In which case the soundperson theory is probably strictly an erroneous supposition.

Have you been able to reproduce the issue since? If it occurs again, I would definitely contact Neural support. Maybe there is a log they can analyze now.

I spoke with the sound guy afterwards, it was not on his end.

Yup, agreed. Neural support has been excellent throughout … so now sending my QC in to have it looked at and repaired as necessary. They’re also paying all courier charges … very impressed indeed I have to say!


I have the same problem in the same preset, by changing a scene between 2 amps

This happens to me when I switch presets while I’m still strumming the guitar. And yes, my volume is set to 100.