Loyalty Rewards

We’re pleased to announce we are introducing Loyalty Rewards!

If you have purchased a plugin from us before, you can enjoy 20% off all future orders, including when we launch new plugins.

If you haven’t purchased a plugin from us before, you can get 20% off orders of 2 or more plugins, or if you purchase a single plugin from us, you will get the 20% discount on future orders.

The discount is applied automatically at checkout. You do not need to enter a code.

Happy holidays!


Nice! That’s a great business move

Awesome! I was about to get Parallax so this is a welcome Xmas gift. Thanx!

Neural DSP just keeps it real. Not only do you guys constantly update/improve your plugins at no cost to us but now this loyalty rewards program. Respect!

I just bought my 2nd plugin but no discount was applied?

The loyalty discount is not available during the birthday sale, except on the SLO plugin, which is not discounted in the birthday sale.

That is the plug in that I purchased, the SLO plugin.