Low-High Cut gain control

Simple suggestion. Instead of having 3 to 6db increments when adjusting gains on the Low-High Cut EQ, please make it move by increments of 1db. I use this EQ block daily and sometimes 3db makes too much of a difference.

Is this not one of the parameters that can be long pressed and type in a specific value?

Please explain the long pressing feature and I’ll give it a try. It is not something I was aware of.

If you tap on the number for a parameter it will pop up a numerical keypad where you can directly enter in the value.

The issue for the parameter value tap on the ‘Low-High Cut’ block is that it does not work (bring up the numerical keypad) on the ‘HPF SLOPE’ and ‘LPF SLOPE’ parameters. At least not for me. I think at least for now, barring this being a bug, you are required to select from the slopes they allow via turning the knob.

Should mention that I think the selection of slopes is still vastly more flexible than the slopes available on similar EQ blocks on some other modelers.

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This did not work for the HPF Slope and LPF Slope, like HonestOpinion said. And these are the parameters I want to have less of a drastic climb from.

Thanks for the clarification!