Looper record and play buttons on stomp gig view

I Use Quad Cortex for Acoustic gigs and do a lot of loops but then like to hit a compressor for lead work straight after looping.

It is too much tap dancing to exit the looper screen and then enable the compressor, play the solo, turn the compressor off, pull up the looper and stop the loop.

It would be great to be able to add any of the looper buttons to the stomp screen.
I never use reverse or half speed and see them as a waste of space where i could have delay, octave down and boost access.

for example, being able to have stomp mode look something like this:

Hi, this is basically a request for more flexible footswitch assignment, which comes up frequently in this forum. Please see these:

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How do you get that view with stomp switch descriptions?

Stomp mode. Before i photoshopped the looper stomps over it was in hybrid mode

Is there a special way to get there? I always see my current preset (with blocks) even if the current mode is stomp (or hybrid)

Edit: found it, had to swipe from the bottom (not very discoverable)

this is specifically for the looper which i feel is a different implementation,even if it´s the same concept. there is no mention of the looper on those requests

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I realize that the OP specifically wants to implement the looper buttons into stomp gig view, *however*, many people are already asking for the-whole-kitchen-sink approach to footswitch reassignment, which implies the looper as well.

I can understand that, but for request I think it´s better not to imply and show explicitely like OP is doing. There is no mention of including the looper and the whole deal in the posts you mentioned (which my ctrl F skills could find at least) so I think it´s worth either adding that explicitly to the other request or keeping this one separate.
Whichever works best :smiley:

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