Logic Failed to validate

I’m having trouble resolving this… I’ve tried deleting all the files as suggested, updated ILOK, and reinstalled from scratch I can’t get the plug-in manager to scan the Nameless suite back into the plugin without failing. I’ve run every other trial without problem. Running Logic X 10.0.0

Hi @Paul. Try manually deleting the plug-in here:

AudioUnits: Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / Components /

Then empty the recycle bin, open Logic Pro X and make sure the plugin is not on the plugin manager. After that, delete Logic Pro X preferences (Keep in mind that this contains any custom preference settings that you’ve made, so make a back up of it):

  • Quit Logic Pro.
  • In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.
  • Enter ~/Library/Preferences, then click Go.
  • Remove the “com.apple.logic10.plist” file from the Preferences folder.
  • Restart your Mac

Finally, reinstall the plugin and check if the issue persists.

Gonzalo thanks for the quick reply unfortunately that didn’t work. It still is failing the validation. Any other ideas?

Can you send us your iLok User ID to support@neuraldsp.com? It may be an issue with the activation process.