"Link" Blocks between Presets

So here is the deal:

Say you have multiple presets you use, you really like a certain amp or effect and have them in all of your presets.

(super simplified) Example:

Preset 1: Vox AC30 → FX → IR

Preset 2: Distortion → FX → Vox AC30 → IR

Preset 3: Vox AC30 → IR

But now you start to really like the Vox AC30 with more brightness and less gain. Here comes the option to link the VoxAC 30 from Preset 1 with Preset 2 so that anything you change (in either one) is also changed in other (predefined) presets too.
But Preset 3 is not getting touched as long as its not linked.

You should of course be able to link blocks with more then one Preset.

That way you could quickly change the sound of your whole set of presets while also having presets where you do not want these changes to occur.

This would be very useful for times where scenes just dont cut it anymore because your favorite amp is placed in completely different presets.

Right now I have to make these changes in every single preset by hand. Would of course be usefull for every amp block, effects block, IR block etc.

I sort of ran into this. I would change a bunch of setting to fine tune the amp in a preset and then have to go to other presets to do the same thing. My solution was to save the amp after fine tuning as the default settings, then you can just quickly reload the amp with all the new settings in each preset. Not perfect but it is a fairly quick solution…


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That would be great!

The possibility to lock blocks at the Kemper is very practical. Linked blocks would allow something similar on the QC.