Feature Request: Block sync

Sorry if this has been suggested. Did a quick search and didn’t see anything. Anywhoo…

Tldr; allow me to sync changes to a chosen block instantly across multiple presets.

For folks like myself who use the preset-per-song approach for playing live, having a way to instantly sync certain blocks - like drive, amp, cab, etc. - to the same settings across presets would be a game changer.

The user scenario case goes like this: I have 8 songs in my live set, and therefore 8 different presets. In all my presets, I use the same amp for my high gain rhythm tone, and want it to be the same sound in all my presets. Now let’s say I do some tweaking to my preferred Friedman HBE block and realize that I now want the Fat switch off, the voice switch on, and adjusted gain bass, mid & treble to compensate. Currently, to get those changes across all my presets I have two options: I can copy the amp block with the new settings, open all other presets 1 by 1, paste the new block over the old block, and save each preset. OR, I can save the settings as a new block default, but I still have to open each other preset in my setlist, replace the block defaults manually, and re-save each preset.

Desired functionality: I build a preset that included the amp block want to use as my “Live Rhythm Amp” (specific name doesn’t matter). After I dial in the tone, I have an option to “Create Synced Block.” I create a synced block and name it “Live Rhythm Amp.” Next I go and build the rest of my live presets with this amp block. Now when I need to change settings on the Live Rhythm Amp, after I make them, I have an option to “Sync Changes to ‘Live Rhythm Amp’”. I tap the button, and instantly my changes to the amp block are synced to all other instances of Live Rhythm Amp. Now I have 10 minutes of my life back.

This would be awesome.

I feel like this feature is a bit redundant to what is likely possible in terms of streamlining your workflow when we get Cortex Control and version 2.1. I suspect going into presets and assigning the blocks to your “new” default values is probably a lot faster on a desktop editor, although you’d have to keep track of your presets that use that particular block.

I can see this feature being desirable, but I can also see it as a complete disaster waiting to happen for a user that accidentally messes up all of their presets because they only really wanted to edit the one preset, but it was a synced block.

Ultimately, if you don’t build a preset with the “Synced” block version of your block, you’d still have to go back in and adjust them all (assuming you’re creating a new block that would go in place of existing presets), which is just like how things are now with the “default values” option.

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You have a point, assuming you’re with your computer. But if you’re like me and don’t bring your computer to band practice or gigs, then whatever you can do in the editor won’t help. Also, that would still require opening all of your presets and restoring the updated default block manually.

I think this could definitely be done in a way that would reduce or eliminate the chance someone updates blocks accidentally. In my scenario I describe above, there are a couple points where users would have to confirm what they’re doing. Not saying my suggestion is the right implementation, but there could definitely be a way to design it so that it doesn’t cause problems.

I just personally don’t see this being something that I would need to do all that often, where having it be on the editor only would be a big deal, but options are good. I don’t see this being implemented so I’m mostly just trying to offer a workaround for now.

I hear ya. Not everything is useful to everyone in their situation. The whole point of this thread is to suggest ideas to get voted on, and I personally think it could resonate with others. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t, but it’s always worth a shot.

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I think this is a great feature request and would be surprised if it doesn’t exist in some form already in another request. I have seen this exact request for multiple modelers for years now. The idea of a customized user master block that is shared across presets such that any change to the master block is instantly reflected in any presets using it.

This would be incredibly useful as we tend to dial things in better as we get more familiar with editing our presets. Also, our setups or tone preferences may change over time and a feature like this can allow updates to many presets simultaneously. There is always the danger with a block like this that you will change some presets unintentionally that you wanted to leave unmodified, but that is what backups and cloud storage of your individual presets are for.