LED Colours - Changing them

Ok, So I’m probably missing something obvious here but I can’t find it in the manual.
How do I change the colours of the stomp LEDs?
If I have a capture of my drive pedal, I want it to be a different coloured LED than the capture of my amp, so when mid flow at a gig I don’t step on the wrong foot switch. I know there are different views etc, but does anyone know the answer to this question?



you cannot change the colors of the footswitches. This has been requested many times in this forum and I think we all are hoping that this will be made available in a future software update. If you do not want to accidentally turn the amp off, then de-activate the switch assignment of the amp and save the preset with the amp “on”.

Cheers, Todde

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Thx for the reply. WOW, I can’t believe this basic functionality isn’t possible. Having a Kemper as well, this just seems like a massive oversight from Neural. I understand why so many people are saying this unit may have been released too early! I still like it tho, but damn!