Latest update issue

CorOS Version: 2.3.1 (I’m not sure but anyway latest update)

My Quad Cortex suddenly stops working while I’m playing. I’ve never damaged it nor used it in an improper or wrong way. It gets stuck by chance, usually after a few minutes I start to use it, regardless of what plug-in/effect I’m using or buttons I’m pushing.
I always need to unplug it to let it work again but regardless of this, sometimes it still doesn’t work.

Have you tried to screw it open and remove the SD memory card and place it back in?
ive had it frozen once during soundcheck on tour.
when these freezes occur in any computer gear i am always first suspecting a hardware related issue often related to memory.
and quad cortex ive realised are sensitive to vibration and specially if you have
sub cabinets under non isolated stage.

I’m sure you know if u open it probably will never be looked at. Can u email and just get it over with?