Keyboard secondary symbols grayed out/not accessible

Is this just the way it is, or am I doing something wrong? If the former, what’s up with that? If the latter, hip me to your secret wisdom.

Due to the Linux OS, some characters are not available if that is what you are referring to?

I don’t think so. When you go into the QC keyboard to, say, create or edit a preset name, there appear to be two screens / layers of special characters. The one I’m referring to as secondary is accessible through a button on the first special characters screen (if I’m remembering right). But when we go to that secondary screen, all the characters are grayed out and can’t be used. If that’s by design, I have to wonder why the secondary screen / layer exists at all.

the special symbols on the second screen can be used in Scene names, but not preset names.

Also, there is no 0 in the long-press numerals displayed on the alphabetic keyboard (should be on the P)

Ah. Interesting. I wonder why.

One would expect the secondary special characters access button should be grayed out (or non-existent) in that case (when naming a preset).

Maybe they can make these changes next time. Or soon-ish. Seems like these would involve pretty simple code changes.