Keep "Tags" on the QC?

I noticed this quote on the QC Development Update for July - “Tags have been removed from the save UI on Quad Cortex, but can still be added to items on Cortex Cloud/Mobile.” .

Am I not comprehending this quote correctly? There are several welcome UI changes coming in the 2.0 firmware update, but to me, this does not appear to be one of them. Why would they remove this capability to tag presets directly on the QC? Did a developer forget to add tags to the new UI :grin:? I can see adding this capability to the cloud and mobile app (as they plan to do), but why remove it from the device where it is incredibly useful?

I would prefer not to have to jump out to the cloud or mobile app every time I want to add a tag to a preset. Why should cloud and mobile app tagging come at the cost of losing the ability to tag directly on the device? Especially when the QC has a lovely virtual keyboard that makes tagging so easy.

I am very much in favor of retaining the ability to add tags for presets on the device, as it is currently. If they want to also add it to the cloud/app, go for it. What do other folks think of this? Does this require a Feature Request to keep allowing the addition of preset tags on the QC?

Probably because so few people actually use it.
I like having it on the QC, but you have to go to the app (or, in future, the editor) to write a description anyway, so maybe they’re hoping users will adapt to doing it all there.
I wouldn’t mind keeping it both places though, I do like to use it on the QC itself