JCM 800 model

Good evening, guys. I have a somewhat basic question here. I downloaded that Tone X to play around on my PC. I noticed that the voicing of the JCM on Tone X is completely different from the voicing of the JCM on the Quad. Only the amp, same V30 IR. Everything else is disabled.
With the EQ on the Quad, I came to the conclusion that it’s a voice around 800kHz. Boosting it with the parametric gets pretty close.
Since I’ve never had one of these heads before, is this difference in tone common?

In Tone x what are the knobs settings of capture?

Qc and tone x at noon

Tone x at noon : do you mean that the Tonex capture was made with the real head’s knobs to noon?

It’s kind indifferent for what I’m trying to understand

I tried dialing in the knobs on the QC MODEL to mach the Tonex’s

I couldn’t get it done untill i put the EQ boosting 800khz to make the voicing I was hearing in ToneX

Usually for example i’ m able to match qc capture with qc model counterpart.
But in real Life real amps (the same) often differs on voicing due tollerances.
Or modded amps…
It would be nice to ear some tonex sample.
Or a lot Better: can you upload one Di sample of tonex (800 without Cab)?
I want try to match ( obviously ONLY with knobs)

Important that tonex Is 2203…different models are different behaviours

I’ll do it when i get home! Thank you!!!

Keep in mind that a capture is a snapshot of an amp at one perticular group of settings (i.e. treble @ 6, bass @ 4, gain at 8, etc.) Where a model is built around sampling an amp at a range of settings. If two captures were made of the same model amp at different settings then the default sound of each capture can be quite different. That doesn’t even take into account the differeces in the particular captured amps themselves. Cab IRs are a whole different ball of uncertainty. The mic used, the position of the mic, even the sound of the room an IR was created in can all have a big impact on the sound of an IR. You’re trying to compare fuji to granny smith. Both apples but…

If I may add one other thought; sometimes I think we get too caught up in the “accuracy game” (myself included) At the end of the day, what matters is whether or not you like the tone, right? Just add a little bump at 800hz adjust the gain where you like and enjoy.


Just to clarify, are you setting the QC knobs to match the settings on the actual amp that was captured? The knobs on the Tonex interface are just a generic EQ and have nothing to do with how the actual real-world amp was set. The only way to know what the knobs were set to on the real-world amp is if the uploader added that info in the description.

Which capture are you using on the Tonex? Is it a DI capture or did you remove the cab in Tonex?