It has to be asked (engraved QC)

I just saw, yet another, personalized Quad Cortex, this time to Aaron of Intervals and, since it was already talked about on other topics, I have to ask:
How many of you would like their unit to be engraved like they did for the beta testers?

My opinion is… I don’t really know, honestly.
It would be really cool and, as I said before, it would be a very cheap and easy way to make up for the delay to all preorder buyers. However, I would not really know what to ask for… my name? My band’s logo? My social media logo?
Also, assuming we are all mear mortals over here, this would devalue the unit in a possible future resale situation.

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This would be my key consideration as well, even though I rarely sell gear.

That said, I’d love to get my band logo (also my avatar) but I’d expect any engraving to be limited to text.

Hum, well, you could engrave another name and then increase the value.

Imagine if you had ‘‘Kirk Hammet’s Property’’ engraved under your QC, I’d believe the value would go up.
but as other mentionned I don’t plan on selling.

any chance we get to pick our number? :slight_smile:

“Kirk Hammet’s Property” WTF? that would really rile up the Fractal crowd… haha!



Hm, not needed.