Is the tuner coming up more quickly?

Is the tuner coming up more quickly? It seems like it is but maybe I am just imagining it. I did not see anything mentioning that in the release notes. Could just be the usual syndrome that afflicts all updates where even something that has not been modified, falsely appears to have changed. Did anyone measure the time-to-tuner before and after this update. Seems like with the most unscientific of measurements it is taking about 1&1/2 seconds.

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I think I read somewhere that it was taking like 3 seconds… so if that was true it is loading twice as fast. I will pay attention next time I turn it on. :smile:

doesn’t feel faster to me.


I haven’t checked yet… is it like 3 seconds to load?

around 2-ish, on mine


Feels the same to me as earlier.