Is it time to buy a QC yet?

I’ve found the tones I’ve been seeking. Not from the built-in but from the community. Yes, there are great, dynamic eob ones I thoroughly enjoy.


Hey guys

As I am mostly an acoustic player, but was low gain best sound searcher over years before, I want to ask you, wether your buying, selling modding heavy equipment carrying, dificult miking, discussing with FOH guys and nois reduction on stage has ever been more worthy than what you are missing at the OC?


No Amp, never again!

In adfition

If you stop compairing QC Sounds with last century tube machies, and judge the Sounds like a new amp you have never heared, then work on tweeking to your inner best taste, you wil miss no Amp.



Hey there Chalky-

Great question. I think the QC can capture a tube amp w a ribbon microphone really well. I captured my VOX ac15 HW 2007 volume on 5 really amazingly well. It’s still clean, but full sounding. The Beyerdynamic m160 ribbon mic picks up what my ears hear. without the harshness of a 57 or similar, that picks up more high-end that most find unpleasant. . I’m about to capture my REAL 1965 Deluxe non reverb clean. It’s not just tubes, but pushing the transformers that gives that warmth & girth on tube amps. The QC really shines on DIY mic’d amp captures . Hope you find this useful.


Thanks for that info! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel, I had already followed you on the QC app. Looking forward to watching of your tone Videos

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Hi Chalky,
I have had my QC since October of 2022 - and use it almost daily. I am almost exclusively a low gain player and I couldn’t be happier. When I bought it, it had just about all that I was looking for - and they have since added a lot to it, which is typical. I wasn’t buying it for future promises. I use an FRFR speaker most of the time, as I hate using headphones unless absolutely necessary. I use it as an interface with my iPad Pro to use Loopy Pro, and now Logic on the iPad and it is amazing. I don’t need to find amp models in Logic and just tweak my sound from the QC - much easier and more authentic. The recent Silver Brit Clean is an absolutely beautiful capture for cleans - and the edge of breakup is perfect. It was a recent Neural capture that was added with a recent update. It is the Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555. I also REALLY like the Roland Chorus Jazz combo that Neural recently updated as well. I had recently played with multiple Tube Amps, first time in awhile, and they are amazing - but they are brittle, heavy, too loud, and completely impractical for me personally. I spent 2 hours one night trying to find a dead cable on a pedal board - it was ridiculous. The QC inspires me to play every day now, and I have played guitar going on 35 years - this has changed the game for me in a big way.

The bottom line - I simply play WAY more - almost daily since I bought it - due to it’s simplicity, accessibility, flexibility, and Tones. My old setup was too bulky and loud, and I just didn’t play as much as I would have liked to. For me, that is the whole purpose, to get playing.


Thanks a bunch, David! I appreciate you dropping by :slight_smile: