Inverse IR for flattening cabinet EQ

Hi! I am waiting for my Quad Cortex to be delivered in December so I have not had the chance to try this out:

I will buy a Celestion F12M-150 speaker and put it in my 1x12" Marshall cab. This speaker is designed to be flat frequency live response and used with cab sim on. Would like this combo to be as neutral as possible, at least up to 10 kHz. I would like to capture an IR of the cab+speaker with a reference mic and linear amplifier and then invert the resulting IR so the inverted IR works as a flattening EQ. Is this possible with the Quad Cortex? Is there an option to invert IR? If not, can the captured IR be exported to another program for inversion and then imported to the Quad Cortex?

  1. Inverse IR in QC: No
  2. Invert in other SW and then use in QC: Yes