Instrument specific modes

I would suggest instrument specific modes for the QC as well as for the app. When active, they would only show relevant* presets/effects/amps/cabs/captures. Another way would be to highlight them or make everything else transparent. This would make it easier to try out new stuff.

Why? Whenever you don’t know what gear the title relates to, you have to look it up. Which is even more complicated because it’s often encrypted in the first place.
What makes this even worse is the fact that when you type in “bass” in the app, much of what will show up isn’t even bass specific, but may simply have the word in it, e.g. “bass heavy”, which is a preset for guitar.

*Obviously any gear can be used for any instrument. But most of them are designed with an instrument in mind. That is what I am referring to. Effects for example like compressors/reverbs/delays wouldn’t be affected by the different modes, except if a specific version of it already exists for different instruments already, e.g. “Exotic Z Boost” and “Exotic Bass Z Boost”.