New set saying hi and a couple of questions/feature requests

Hello everyone

First post here so HELLO! My QC arrived today and I’m blown away with it!

Couple of questions which might be feature requests….

  1. Is there a way to favourite devices? I’ve already got some preferences for amps and cabs etc. but it’s quite hard to remember what they are. Is there a way of marking devices as favourites so they’re easy to get to?

  2. It would be great if there was an option when loading an amp device so the most appropriate cab/IR device was also automatically loaded. I’m thinking this is currently not possible but it would be great as a starting point.

  3. Is there a way of saving presets for a device? I realise you can save default settings for a device but it would be nice to save delay/reverb settings etc.

David x


  1. Currently no, but I think there are feature requests already - search the forum. What I do is have a preset with devices I use often and dialed as I like, just thrown in, and I copy and paste them to other presets I actually use.
  2. Well, there is no such thing as best or most appropriate. You can and should play with cabs to your liking. There are a few unofficial device lists with “matching cabs” suggestions according to those that typically come with the real amp, but even then often there’s more than one match, as do the real amps. Not sure how healthy it would be to bias users into thinking that a particular cab is the cab to use with a given amp. But that’s just personal view, you may certainly disagree…
  3. Currently no, but I’m also fairly certrain there already exists a feature request for that. Again, saving devices to a dummy preset is my way of saving blocks dialed in a specific way to be used in other presets.


Thanks Yehonatan V

Yes I just found the feature request forum!