Visual block differencies Bass/Guitar 2

As a bass/guitar player i would find very useful to know immediatly if the amp/cab/ effects etc is a Bass one or a Guitar one.

Maybe a different color code for the Bass blocs ?

Edit: I’m maybe missing something, I can see in the august update that you will see immediatly if the block is an overdrive or combo or head etc (wich is a must have and i’m very waiting that for a way more nice and effective workflow) BUT I don’t see anything about Bass/Guitar blocks. What I was requesting is the same visual rapidity to figure if it is an head or overdrive capture or a Bass or guitar capture (or model).

Edit 2: I had to make this request again cause it still blocked.

Neural captures use different icons for amp head, amp head + cab, combo amp + cab, drives etc. Also, when creating/saving the captures, the meta data allows you to choose guitar/bass as instrument.

Is that really needed? I’m the same and just have bass patches or guitar patches.

If I ever had a scenario where I had both instruments on the same patch, then it would be pretty obvious which was which (e.g. guitar IN1, bass IN2).

The patches all now have a ‘Preffered Instrument’ as well, as do captures.

Yes I know but it’s not what i’m asking for. I would know with the same clarity of knowing if it’s a head or amp or drive capture if it’s a bass or guitar amp/drive etc without going in menu.

Also if you don’t have the name “bass” in your preset, you don’t directly know for what your preset is made for.

Obviously you don’t need it but it would be very usefull from my point of view.

I also play with 8 string so combine bass and guitar stuff and a direct information would be much clearer for me.

Also when you download a lot of preset then you want to try them by switching up an down, it would be much easy to have the direct information.